Happy Thanksgiving and … Belly Dancing?

So Happy Thanksgiving for all you people who aren’t American. It is very nice to have the holiday early instead of the American Thanksgiving, so close to Christmas … 

I went downtown to Sultan’s Tent Restaurant, Front Street, to see belly dancing. Have you ever been there? We got there rather late; a reservation for 10:30 pm and the dancing began it 11:00 pm. It was fun. There were so many ladies there – brides and birthdays – and they all got up with the dancers to belly dance! 

My Office

I love my townhouse! – kitchen, a living room, a dining room, 2 bathrooms, a master bedroom, and one OFFICE! I can’t believe that. It’s way back, my office is, and it has one window. Every morning I go onto my office and I work there until noon; doing my web design and answering emails. 

There’s trees all around my office but one of my favorites trees is yellow. It’s autumn of course… I was watching a robin sit on the fence: s/he stares up at me and I stared at her/him, and a woodpecker too, tap, tap tapping on the trees. I haven’t seen birds since I moved to the apartment, apart from seagulls and starlings. One day, I was watching a raccoon sleep on my balcony!

Out my window of my office



LifeFocus.ca … My Website!

I have moved from the apartment in the sky to a townhouse on the second floor. I am feeling so-o good about it! It’s been terrible, of course; 5 days of packing up. The movers were here and I go on unpacking …

I decided to blog in March 2011 after my daughter and her boyfriend felt I had so mach to say about the things I do to Toronto; I’m always busy. I wrote about people, places and events that I attended in Toronto. I had a blog but eventually I changed it using WordPress to make in into one big website. You can see it; blog = LifeFocus and photography = Jen Photo Art.

I wrote all about Toronto and stuff I did in it … I’ll probably do that still. My LifeFocus.ca website is something beyond that… it is life, relationships, nature and all that.