Two days of warm weather and sunshine! This year has been terrible for me and just as the sun shines, I go outside.

I moved again in 2 years on February 25th and I have had my hip replaced on March 25th.  It’s been so crazy! I’ve moved every 2 years since 2006 and it is a big job. I will NOT moves again! And my hip … well I figured out that it’s not my back giving me the limp: it’s my hip. I’ve been going to a chiropractor for 4 years waiting for the back to straighten out and when the chiropractor said “your back is perfect” and I still had a limp it occurred to me. My hip. Six months ago I went for a MRI on my hip and it was damaged so I went to a surgeon and I waited. And waited, and waiting, and it was six months that I had surgery. So now I’m waiting for 6 weeks … well 3 is done, I have another 3 to go! And I’ll be done with it.

And it’s SPRING!