Sunny Outside … but Cold!

I have got the “Ontario Living Wage” on the internet. It was 22.08 in 2021 and 23.15 in 2022 … that is a difference of 4.8% but in small town Ontario they’re only between $16.00 and $19.00 … they’re nowhere near $22 or $23! Its just a bit below the margin for living for me …

It’s sunny outside. The wind is blowing … such is life … to be precise!

It’s the 20th of April …

and – oh – is it cold. I put on my shirt, my sweatshirt, my jeans, my SCARF and my hood was up … and it was still cold! The wind was rushing along so much that I couldn’t get to the subway and I turning and walked to the other subway with the wind behind me.

The shoemaker was there; he had just mended my sneakers – the heel on the left one was warn out but the right one was gone! So now they were perfect!


April 14/21

This is my LifeFocus (Red) image for here. The Red is for my blog. It goes in all kinds of directions out of one spot – the bottom – and spouts out to all different directions which is my blog!

When it comes to writing a blog, I go completely … and utterly blank. I will have to write down the blog before I use it – on paper and pencil and transfer it to my blog!

Your energy is going somewhere …

How much energy is going to read, respond to emails and doing the social media thing? Is it right before work? Are you spending a lot of time doing “digital overload”?

How much time do you spend on activities with “high value” work? According to Jill Klein, a professor of marketing who teaches managerial judgement for Melbourne Business School, you eliminate these distractions and concentrate on the mental reserves aspect to maintaining focus., if you will … is my theme. You can come back to the any time. It will restore focus and give you the push to go on …

Starting the 5th of November …

I start here! I don’t know what I will put here but I know I will. Each week I will document my life as I goes by.

I got a picture of my sister and me, at the ages of 4 and 7 beside the pumpkin, made for us by my dad. We are smiling, expecting to go out to the neighbours for trick or treat. We haven’t got the costumes on but we’re going to set ready soon!

I go out every day. Mostly just walking … I stop for coffee but there isn’t anywhere that I can in … “takeout or delivery” is the rule. It’s be like this for 28 days. COVID-19 is happening.

I went for a walk …

Thursday I went for a walk down the Woodbine Beaches, walking on the broadwalk along to the end. It was cloudy all afternoon. It just hadn’t rained which I know is the 6:00pm thing according to the weather report. There were people on the broadwalk, in twos and threes, with a dog and without. I was walking towards wind and it was blowing my hair. It was chilly …

October 14th to 19th

I have had a busy week this week … and today as well. I got my hair cut and I love it, met for Alfred’s on the phone and went to a Writing Workshop. And today, I (and friends of mine) are going for dinner and to a concert.

October the 21st, the voting starts! – for one day anyway. I’ll have to decide on what to vote on.

August 18 to 31

In the past two weeks I have gone to the dentist, attended Dave’s guitar concert (he plays wonderful music), attended a board meeting by phone, been to the Ex to see the cats and took a Zip car out for a drive while doing my returning.

It’s September 1st and Wister’s birthday … I have to remember to call her! It is a new year in my time, and I will blog …

August 4 – 11th 2019

Monday August 4th was a holiday! My wister and the girls came to the zoo with my daughter and her husband. We saw a lot of animals and we had so much fun!

The bunch of us went out to dinner at The Wren – the favourite restaurant of our brother/son/nephew/cousin and his wife. The dinner was fantastic.

Tuesday morning, I went with them to Vaughan, its outside of Toronto, way up there on the subway line. We were met by a friend of my wisters and we went to her place for brunch. After that we went to the AGO to see all the pictures.

Wednesday morning I met with them (my wister and two daughters) and went with them to the airport using the subway and the UPS train. The Swiss Chalet gave us lunch in the airport and I waved goodbye to them …