October 14th to 19th

I have had a busy week this week … and today as well. I got my hair cut and I love it, met for Alfred’s on the phone and went to a Writing Workshop. And today, I (and friends of mine) are going for dinner and to a concert.

October the 21st, the voting starts! – for one day anyway. I’ll have to decide on what to vote on.

August 18 to 31

In the past two weeks I have gone to the dentist, attended Dave’s guitar concert (he plays wonderful music), attended a board meeting by phone, been to the Ex to see the cats and took a Zip car out for a drive while doing my returning.

It’s September 1st and Wister’s birthday … I have to remember to call her! It is a new year in my time, and I will blog …

August 4 – 11th 2019

Monday August 4th was a holiday! My wister and the girls came to the zoo with my daughter and her husband. We saw a lot of animals and we had so much fun!

The bunch of us went out to dinner at The Wren – the favourite restaurant of our brother/son/nephew/cousin and his wife. The dinner was fantastic.

Tuesday morning, I went with them to Vaughan, its outside of Toronto, way up there on the subway line. We were met by a friend of my wisters and we went to her place for brunch. After that we went to the AGO to see all the pictures.

Wednesday morning I met with them (my wister and two daughters) and went with them to the airport using the subway and the UPS train. The Swiss Chalet gave us lunch in the airport and I waved goodbye to them …

The Flood …

The flood started when everyone was away. The petsitter came in at 9 pm and again the next day … we haven’t seen him do it yet but Sammie (the cat, is into everything) turned on the faucet and something was in the drain so it couldn’t go down … it flooded totally.

I came in Sunday … what a mess! We moved out. It’s been 10 days since the flood and I had parked myself between the guest room and S’s apartment going here and there – nobody needs me around that much!

The PRIDE Parade happened on the Sunday and Dave Barrett’s concert was Saturday. We ate at Allen’s and Tabule Restaurant, both being good. We saw Justin Trudeau in the PRIDE Parade. It was 10 days that nobody wanted to miss …

The Winners of the Wildlife Photography

I went to the ROM ( Royal Ontario Museum) to look at the winners of all the categories of Wildlife Photography. It was Saturday and I didn’t expect so many people there. They were wonderful pictures, so detailed and so close up. They were fantastic!

Thomas King

I went to Thomas King at the Reference Library just to see what he was like. He’s funny, and he knows the secrets to his work … I haven’t read his books but I intend to. I have “The Inconvenient Indian” and “green grass, running water”. I guess I better decide – do you know what I should read?

He is said to be ‘a great writer and storyteller’. He lives in Guelph, Ontario. Of course, I would live in Guelph too … maybe when I’m older and retired (he-he-he). Its such a nice place, Guelph.

I learned a lot from seeing him.

Thomas King signs autographs

The Spoons and Men Without Hats at the CNE

Monday nights and I was there! I waited for 5:00 to get in for $9.00 (its FREE Monday though Thursday). It was only 4:00 pm. and I sat on this bench with other ladies to go in.

The FOOD building was my first stop. I had to have dinner. After that, I took the tram around to the Prince’s Gate. It took SO long, I could have just walked there … but it was fun.

It was the same as always and I walked through the midway on my way to the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Pavilion … eating ice cream.

The bandshell right outside and a little down from the pavilion. There were lots of people going to see Men without Hats/The Spoons.  I enjoyed the Spoons the most … they were good.

I left halfway through Men Without Hats thing; they weren’t as good.  I walked along back to the GO Train and I got back to my place at 10:06pm.



Cherry Blossoms

I made it to High Park … and there were cherry blossoms everywhere! And people who come out to see them were everywhere.

Cherry Blossoms