The Spoons and Men Without Hats at the CNE

Monday nights and I was there! I waited for 5:00 to get in for $9.00 (its FREE Monday though Thursday). It was only 4:00 pm. and I sat on this bench with other ladies to go in.

The FOOD building was my first stop. I had to have dinner. After that, I took the tram around to the Prince’s Gate. It took SO long, I could have just walked there … but it was fun.

It was the same as always and I walked through the midway on my way to the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Pavilion … eating ice cream.

The bandshell right outside and a little down from the pavilion. There were lots of people going to see Men without Hats/The Spoons.  I enjoyed the Spoons the most … they were good.

I left halfway through Men Without Hats thing; they weren’t as good.  I walked along back to the GO Train and I got back to my place at 10:06pm.



Cherry Blossoms

I made it to High Park … and there were cherry blossoms everywhere! And people who come out to see them were everywhere.

Cherry Blossoms



Friday April 27th 2018

There’s 10 people dead because of this 25 year old that drove down the sidewalk and was striking everybody he could see. I don’t understand this … To be walking down the sidewalk, totally oblivious to what is going on and bang! your hit by a van …

And the 80 year old Bill Cosby was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting women, a whole bunch of them. I don’t understand this either … he needed to be told, before he was 80, perhaps earlier, that he was not doing the proper thing. In 1974, I was doing an essay on rape. I knew what eventually the rape laws would catchup with life, I didn’t know that it would be so long! Harvey Weinsten bought it all to a head …

At Our Age ….

At our age, we can hide our own eggs, wait half an hour and have no clue where we put them! 

This was sent to me by my sister! Thank you – my sister feels the same way! The important things aren’t forgotten but the little things are.

I Was Wondering About This …

There are telephones in the subway and if you don’t notice them they’ll still there.  I wonder about this …

I was getting off the subway. Most people are going places, taking one train, bus and streetcar, hurrying to my next appointment and I saw a young black guy using the telephone in the subway!

Macrame! …

I’m macrame-ing! I have created a plant hanger (I can’t show it to you because and picture isn’t printing) but it what I’m been doing! You can read about it on the website.


Avenue Road – November 26th

So, I went up to Avenue Road, the top end. It’s just before you get onto the 401. I parked my car on a little street off of Avenue Road and I walked. This was what I saw …

Twigs at the nursery
U Break - I fix
U Break – I fix
The Lobster Trap
The Lobster Trap

I passed the pavement at the corner that was like this:

Decorative Pavement
Decorative Pavement

And I went back to my car, it was co-old out and I went by the construction site. It smelled like WOOD  and I was reminded of going through construction site when they were new.

Construction site reminded me of WOOD!
Construction site reminded me of WOOD!

A BIG house on the corner welcomed me into it! It was a new house – very expensive ($3,095,000) and I took off my shoes to go and visit. It was available between 2 and 4 and it had all the bells and whistles about it the real estate agent told me. The little house next door was dwarfed by the big house.

New House - 43 Kelso Avenue
New House – 43 Kelso Avenue and the little house.


Designing Your Life

I am reading ‘Designing your Life: How to build a well-lived, joyful life’.  I heard about it on CBC last weekend. The authors are Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, both in the Stanford Design Program and I loved that! Design is a collaborative thing … the right questions to ask and the right supportive community are important.

I starting reading the book in a book store and I read so-o long that I fell in love with it. I decided to buy it to do the exercises such as Workview, Lifeview and the Good Time Journal.



It is foggy outside this Monday …

It is foggy outside. I’m out on the 19 floor with all windows hemming me in and I can’t see ANYTHING! It has been so sunny since about May and it feels like it did in the winter. Of course, winter was different but the same fogginess as it was then.

I just wish it would clean my windows!