The Spoons and Men Without Hats at the CNE

Monday nights and I was there! I waited for 5:00 to get in for $9.00 (its FREE Monday though Thursday). It was only 4:00 pm. and I sat on this bench with other ladies to go in.

The FOOD building was my first stop. I had to have dinner. After that, I took the tram around to the Prince’s Gate. It took SO long, I could have just walked there … but it was fun.

It was the same as always and I walked through the midway on my way to the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Pavilion … eating ice cream.

The bandshell right outside and a little down from the pavilion. There were lots of people going to see Men without Hats/The Spoons.  I enjoyed the Spoons the most … they were good.

I left halfway through Men Without Hats thing; they weren’t as good.  I walked along back to the GO Train and I got back to my place at 10:06pm.