Israel – Day 6 – October 21st

Mary and I had breakfast at the Jerusalem Gardens restaurant and Naomi was expected to join us from her work after an all night shift at the El Al Airlines. The crew (5 from Kevin’s family and Sheila and Kevin) from Ari’el came down to meet us and we piled in with them going to the Jaffa Gate, the part of Jerusalem within the ‘Wall’. This is what is looked like moving past the Jaffa Gates, the Wall on the right. Oct21 - 1

We wandered a lot, up stairs, going along narrow streets and came out on the roofs to view the Jerusalem out before us. Jerusalem extends a lot longer than ‘the wall’.

Oct21 - 2

Oct21 - 3







Next we went to Cardo, a street a long time ago, built after Jesus’ time but half of it still remains today. Then we went to the square with the church recently built. The Western Wall (it used to be the Wailing Wall – I remember it then) was next. We (the Females) had to go in the girls section – it wasn’t as pleasant as the boys section.