Fall Walk

Right next to my townhouse, there is a trail that goes down to a park. First, we went to Serena Gundy Park. It’s quiet but you could hear all the noise filtering down – traffic noise from Eglinton and Leslie Street.

It’s quite small and was joined to the parks by a bridge across the river. Sunnybrook Park and Wilket Creek Park were the next parks to do but instead, we wandered down to Ernest Thompson Seton Park which was down the river bit beside one of the train tracks.

In Ernest Thompson Seton Park they had eighteen Frisbee holes with each one having a start plate and a finish. Dan, my daughter boyfriend that I talked to Wednesday, was quite willing to give me all of the information I needed as he plays Frisbee golf with his team.







We made it past the Overlea Bldg Bridge, with its legs extending into the park as it goes overhead, and into the Thorncliffe area. Up, out of the park we came, and set off to my place.







It was a really nice walk – cool but yet warm, sunny but cloudy and the trees were orange, red and yellow. It had all the things that we were expecting on a fall walk.