Avenue Road – November 26th

So, I went up to Avenue Road, the top end. It’s just before you get onto the 401. I parked my car on a little street off of Avenue Road and I walked. This was what I saw …

Twigs at the nursery
U Break - I fix
U Break – I fix
The Lobster Trap
The Lobster Trap

I passed the pavement at the corner that was like this:

Decorative Pavement
Decorative Pavement

And I went back to my car, it was co-old out and I went by the construction site. It smelled like WOOD  and I was reminded of going through construction site when they were new.

Construction site reminded me of WOOD!
Construction site reminded me of WOOD!

A BIG house on the corner welcomed me into it! It was a new house – very expensive ($3,095,000) and I took off my shoes to go and visit. It was available between 2 and 4 and it had all the bells and whistles about it the real estate agent told me. The little house next door was dwarfed by the big house.

New House - 43 Kelso Avenue
New House – 43 Kelso Avenue and the little house.


Designing Your Life

I am reading ‘Designing your Life: How to build a well-lived, joyful life’.  I heard about it on CBC last weekend. The authors are Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, both in the Stanford Design Program and I loved that! Design is a collaborative thing … the right questions to ask and the right supportive community are important.

I starting reading the book in a book store and I read so-o long that I fell in love with it. I decided to buy it to do the exercises such as Workview, Lifeview and the Good Time Journal.



It is foggy outside this Monday …

It is foggy outside. I’m out on the 19 floor with all windows hemming me in and I can’t see ANYTHING! It has been so sunny since about May and it feels like it did in the winter. Of course, winter was different but the same fogginess as it was then.

I just wish it would clean my windows!



I went to the CNE!

Canadian National Exhibition — and its held in the late summer between August 26th and September 5th. In London, Ontario it is held September 9th to 18th (a little late for me, summer happens before that) but I went to it in all those years I was in London.

We went by the Farm, the Beer Fest, shopping and we went on the Sky Ride (elevated into the air and transported across the grounds towards the Princes’ Gates).

I’ve never seen the CNE from the air as we did in the Sky Ride – a magical place we got to in the end. We were looking down on all these people living their lives totally oblivious to us looking down on them!

It was so much fun!

The Orchid …

DSC_1381I have one orchid, a tiny one, that just bloomed … and keeps on blooming. I hadn’t seen the flowers until it bloomed and I was surprised.

The Orchid, the big one, started growing flowers immediately … it wasn’t kosher to be upscaled by the little one …




Me … Going on a Beer Tour … and I Don’t Drink Beer!

The Urban Adventures took on a tour of the beer in Toronto and I went on it … engaging stories, laughs, and lager – what a great way to spend an afternoon!

Jason, leading the tour, outside the Hockey Hall of Fame. He will lead us on the tour.







First, we saw the sites of Toronto on our way to C’est What. We were introduced to so many beers, British, German, and Canadian.

Then into the St Lawrence Market and we went for a wine tasting. Butter Tarts for our Brazilian friends on the tour and they didn’t know how GOOD they were.  I didn’t realize that Butter Tarts are made in these part of the world … Ontario!  Along with back bacon on corn meal which they have a bunch of.

Back Bacon – very popular!



Butter Tarts!


The Little Pandas … are they ever cute!

IMG_20160518_152251I’ve seen them … the little pandas. They’re just like their mom but not as big! They were sleeping when I saw them … just barely! (Just barely! That’s quite a pun.) I watched fascinated. Wow! They’re just like real bears.

It’s May so I went to the other animals in the pavilions … there are 5 of them in the Toronto zoo. And this is what I found.IMG_20160518_155338











































and, of course, Orangutans! IMG_20160518_170525



Sitting in the sun on February 6th

It beautiful in here at this time in the afternoon this month … February always brings these sunny days. I can see for miles out the window; fluffy clouds in the sky.

I was at Erin’s and Jay’s party on Friday February 5th to celebrate their marriage at the Ruby Watchco Restaurant. I didn’t go to City Hall with them and the entourage (about 5 couples) and Rory and Hayley. We met them later and they told us. She was wearing a very pretty dress and Jay was in a suit that he just bought.

Maybe I can get pictures from Facebook … I can but I will enjoy them with the Erin and Jay!



Israel – Day 6 – October 21st

Mary and I had breakfast at the Jerusalem Gardens restaurant and Naomi was expected to join us from her work after an all night shift at the El Al Airlines. The crew (5 from Kevin’s family and Sheila and Kevin) from Ari’el came down to meet us and we piled in with them going to the Jaffa Gate, the part of Jerusalem within the ‘Wall’. This is what is looked like moving past the Jaffa Gates, the Wall on the right. Oct21 - 1

We wandered a lot, up stairs, going along narrow streets and came out on the roofs to view the Jerusalem out before us. Jerusalem extends a lot longer than ‘the wall’.

Oct21 - 2

Oct21 - 3







Next we went to Cardo, a street a long time ago, built after Jesus’ time but half of it still remains today. Then we went to the square with the church recently built. The Western Wall (it used to be the Wailing Wall – I remember it then) was next. We (the Females) had to go in the girls section – it wasn’t as pleasant as the boys section.